Processing-Enabled USB Audio Driver for Windows 10 and Windows 11

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Thesycon’s TProcAudio solution is an extensible and highly customizable USB audio device driver for Windows. It supports USB audio class 2.0 and 1.0 compliant devices and can be equipped with custom signal processing (DSP) features such as down-mixing, up-mixing, EQ, effects, etc. In addition to (or instead of) the physical channels transferred over USB, the driver can expose virtual channels and sound devices to Windows to support use cases that involve multiple applications.


NOTE: The TProcAudio driver targets consumer or prosumer products. If you are looking for a professional audio driver with ASIO support, this is not the right approach for you. Check out our TUSBAudio driver instead.

Feature Summary - Processing-Enabled USB Audio Driver for Windows 10 and 11

Customization of the Driver

Driver Installer

Use Case Examples

Example 1:

Playback 7.1 or 5.1 to stereo down-mix. The down-mix algorithm is implemented in a Windows Audio Processing Object (APO).


 Processing-Enabled USB Audio Driver for Windows use case 1


Example 2:

Playback 7.1 or 5.1 to stereo down-mix based on custom sound processing APO plus additional virtual playback device that gets mixed into the USB playback stream. Recording channels are passing through transparently.


 Processing-Enabled USB Audio Driver for Windows use case 2


Example 3:

Custom signal processing in the recording path, e.g. for a multi-channel or Ambisonic microphone. The custom DSP algorithms are implemented in user mode.


 Processing-Enabled USB Audio Driver for Windows use case 3

Free Demo, Licensing conditions & Prices


Current Version: 1.0

To receive a free demo, prices or license agreement, please fill out the contact form.


The free evaluation version of the TProcAudio driver works for an interval of 60 days without any limitation. After that evaluation period has expired, the driver stops working.


NOTE: The driver described on this page is *not for use by end users*. It will not help solve any problems you may experience with a consumer device such as a webcam, camcorder, card reader, external sound card, etc. Thesycon’s device drivers are software components intended to be used by hardware or software manufacturers to create end products.

Software made in Germany

Our software is purely designed and implemented by our team in Germany - no outsourcing. Technical support is provided directly by the developers.

USB Vendor and Product ID

For each USB device model an official USB vendor ID (VID) is required. Vendor IDs must be unique and will be assigned by the USB Implementers Forum ( Registration fees will be charged.


Thesycon owns a USB vendor ID and provides a subset of product IDs (PID) to licensees of Thesycon drivers.




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