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Thesycon is based in Ilmenau, Germany. The Thesycon team specializes in developing system-level software and device drivers for the operating systems Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000, Windows CE/Mobile, Linux and Mac OS X.

Thesycon is also active in the embedded software field.

We provide development services in these areas either on a partnership basis or as a service to our customers. We offer consultation, concept development (system design), implementation, and high-quality technical service and support. Additionally, Thesycon offers software tools to assist our customers in developing drivers for the Windows and Linux operating systems.


Thesycon Systemsoftware & Consulting GmbH was founded in June 1998. Since then, Thesycon has been busy developing system-level software and device drivers, gaining considerable expertise in the process. Before creating Thesycon, the founders worked as freelancers. Together, they have been developing device drivers since 1993.

From the time of the company's founding we have focused on USB, and our team has deep knowledge and extensive experience in these technologies through our work on numerous projects.

Thesycon has grown significantly over the years, and we look forward to continued growth in the future.

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